GUMUSH Aerospace & Defense

Space IndustryMember since 2013

GUMUSH Aerospace & Defense’s primary activities are focused on, Pico to Nano satellite design, subsystem design, space mission’s consulting, satellite simulations (structural, thermal, orbit, electronics and RF), qualification tests & certification for satellites, orbit design and ground station works. It can be detailed as, Space Systems- [Power systems, solar panels, battery systems, on-board computers, communication subsystem, spacecraft structures, space-wire and space-borne GPS systems], Thermal & Orbit & RF Design- [Trajectory design and optimization, orbit thermal analyses, thermal design, sensitivity analyses, thermal vacuum chamber tests, antenna design & placement], Structural Design- [Quasi-static, frequency response analyses, shock, acoustic, heat transfer, modal, vibration tests and analyses] and Software Development- [Embedded software, spacecraft software, ACS analyses and image processing].