Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)

Space Agency and OfficeMember since 2003


Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) was established in October 2003 by merging the National Space Development Agency, Institute of Space and Aeronautical Science and National Aeronautics Laboratory. JAXA functions as the space agency of Japan, to implement a range of activities covering basic research, development and utilisation.

With about 1,500 staff, JAXA carries out the following main activities:

  • Promoting satellite utilization to enhance the quality of life,

  • Advancing scientific knowledge of the universe and the origin of life,

  • Exploring the Moon and planets, to broaden the horizon of human activity,

  • Ensuring the operation of the ISS and promoting space environment utilisation to create new opportunities for the society,- Developing rocket technologies, to respond to diversifying launch needs,

  • Advancing engineering research, to pursue aviation safety and environmentally-friendly technologies,

  • Pursuing fundamental engineering research, to carry out autonomous space activities.

JAXA has also offices and centers to undertake educational activities and to pursue collaborations with industry and academia. JAXA has its offices and centers throughout the country, including those in Tokyo, Tsukuba, Sagamihara as well as space centers with launch sites in Kagoshima. There are also overseas offices, in Washington, D.C., Houston, Bangkok, Paris and Moscow.

  • Ochanomizu Sola City, - 4-6 Kanda Surugadai, Chiyoda-ku
    101-8008 Tokyo
  • 0081 3 6266 6400
  • https://global.jaxa.jp/