King Abdulaziz City for Science & Technology (KACST)

Space Agency and OfficeMember since 1990


KACST is both the Saudi Arabian national science agency and its national laboratories. The science agency function involves science and technology policy making, data collection, funding of external research, and services such as the patent office.

Main Responsibilities:

  1. Propose a national policy for the development of science and technology and develop strategies and plans necessary to implement them.

  2. Coordinate with government agencies, scientific institutions and research centers in the Kingdom to enhance research and exchange information and expertise.

  3. Conduct applied research and provide advice to the government on science and technology matters.

  4. Support scientific research and technology development.

  5. Foster national innovation and technology transfer between research institutes and the industry.

  6. Foster international cooperation in science and technology.


To conduct applied research & implement projects & programs in space & aviation science, in order to transfer & localize related technologies & serve developmental plans in the Kingdom ([](”)).”””