Mars Planet

Association and Professional SocietyMember since 2018

Mars Planet: working to the human exploration of Mars

Mars Planet is an international cultural organization with headquarters in Italy which promotes the research and industrial applications connected to the human exploration of Mars and space. It is the Italian chapter of the Mars Society and also develops technologies to be applied both in space industry and in other sectors.

Mars Planet actively engages with small, medium and big enterprises in research related to Mars exploration, in order to support the creation of a new economy based on human space colonization. A number of organizations and companies all over the world are contributing to this new economy, which will help solving some of the most important economic and technological challenges of today.

The main project of Mars Planet is the construction of a research center called Mars City. This research center will include a Mars Simulation Area, a space dedicated to the development of technologies for robotics, virtual and augmented reality, software engineering, telecommunication, materials, energy and life support systems, as well as to scientific research and education.

A module of the project Mars City refers to the use of the Virtual Reality for the Simulation of the human exploration of the Space. Our Spinn off company : Virtual Space Systems ( ) is specialized in the production of VR treadmills to be used for the simulation of the human exploration of Space.