Netherlands Space Office (NSO)

Space Agency and OfficeMember since 1980

Netherlands Space Office acts as the Dutch agency for space affairs. Netherlands Space Office (NSO) was established by the Dutch government in order to develop the Netherlands’ space programme and to bring that programme to action. The NSO is the face of the Dutch space community for international space organisations like ESA, NASA and JAXA as well as the central point of contact for the space community within the Netherlands. The NSO also works to innovatively and openly bring the story of spaceflight science, usage and exploration to teachers, students and the general public.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs, Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management and the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO) signed an agreement in October 2008 for the establishment of the Netherlands Space Office. The director of the NSO reports to the steering committee of these ministries.