OHB System AG-Munich

Space IndustryMember since 2009

OHB System AG is a German systems provider belonging to the European aerospace group OHB AG. The Group currently employs over 2.400 people in its “Space Systems” and “Aerospace + Industrial Products” business units. Within this array, OHB System AG specialises in Space Systems. Its headquarters at the Bremen are home to almost 500 highly qualified scientists and engineers. The business unit generated total revenues of EUR 220 million in 2011.

OHB System develops small satellites for navigation, Earth observation, telecommunications and scientific research. Its human space flight activities include the participation in the assembly and outfitting of the International Space Station ISS, the Columbus research laboratory and the ATV. The exploration segment works on studies and models for studying our solar system. Reconnaissance satellites and broadband wireless transmission of image data form core technologies for security and reconnaissance.

OHB System AG is one of the leading independent forces in the European aerospace sector. It is the third Large System Integrator for the European Space Agency and partner to the German Aerospace Center as well as for customers in the private and public sector. OHB System traditionally works with leading national and international companies to pool the competence required for specific projects.