Russian Academy of Sciences

Association and Professional SocietyMember since 1956

The Russian Academy of Sciences was established according to the order of the tsar Peter I by the Decree of the ruling Senate of 28 January (8 February) 1724. It was reconstituted by the Decree of the Russia President of 21 November 1991 as the higher scientific institution of Russia.

The Russian Academy of Sciences is a self-governing non-profit organisation (institution) with national status. It acts on the basis of Russia Law and its own Charter. On the territory of the Russia the Russian Academy of Sciences is the assignee of the USSR Academy of Sciences.

The main goal of the Russian Academy of Sciences activity is the organisation and realisation of fundamental research aimed at the obtaining of new knowledge about the laws of the development of the nature, society, human being and promoting the technological, economical, social and cultural development of Russia.

The object of the activity and the main tasks of the Russian Academy of Sciences are:

  • the development of academic and university science integration, the participation of the scientific RAS organisations in the training and retraining of specialists with higher education,

  • the strengthening of the scientific relations and interaction with branch academies of sciences, with other scientific organisations which conduct fundamental and applied investigations,

  • the widening of the relations between science and industry, participation in innovation activities, in the implementation of science and technology achievements, the assistance in the development of complicated branches of Russian economy,

  • the development of international scientific cooperation, the realisation of the external economic activity,

  • the participation in the popularisation of science, scientific knowledge and science and technology achievements.