Saudi Space Commission (SSC)

Space Agency and OfficeMember since 2021

  1. Devising plans and policies for the national space sector.
  2. Implementing national space strategy.
  3. Regulating and developing all the activities related to space.
  4. Promoting research and industrial activities in the field of space.
  5. Regulating and developing the national satellite industry.
  6. Regulating and developing satellite navigation systems.
  7. Developing technology for the launch of space vehicles and associated services.
  8. Enhancing national space security through space observation and debris detection activities.
  9. Developing the national space infrastructure.
  10. Regulating all activities related to space missions and exploration.
  11. Developing national cadres in the fields of space science and technology.
  12. Working with government agencies and related parties in pursuit of common goals.
  13. Representing Saudi Arabia in international forums and events
  • 3237 Samhah Street - Assafarat Dist.
    12511 - 6501 Riyadh
    Saudi Arabia