Sierra Nevada Corporation Space Systems

Space IndustryMember since 2014

Sierra Nevada Corporation’s (SNC) Space Systems was formed as a Business Area in early 2009 through the consolidation of the technology and years of experience garnered from SNC’s subsidiaries SpaceDev lnc.,(including SpaceDev’s subsidiary Starsys Research), and MicroSat Systems, Inc. SNC’s Space Systems Business Area provides customers with innovative, responsive and cost effective space products including:

Spacecraft Systems, home to the only US small satellite production line and satellite operations center,

Propulsion Systems, which include SNC’s own green, safe, reliable, hybrid rocket motor tested over 100 times,

Space Technologies, sending a mechanism or component to space every 14 days on average totaling 4000 devices flown on 400 missions without a failure,

and Space Exploration Systems, partnering with NASA as part of the Commercial Crew Program to design and build a commercial system capable of transporting crew and cargo to and from low Earth orbit.