Space Center Houston

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Space Center Houston is the official Visitors Center for NASA’s Johnson Space Center. The Center opened on October 16, 1992 and we host approximately 800,000 guests each year. Our Center houses many space- related artifacts and exhibits, including a Mercury Capsule, Gemini Capsule, Apollo 17 Command Module, and real moon rocks that our guests can touch. The Center was built as an educational facility to tell the story of the Manned Spaceflight Program through interactive exhibits, real artifacts and live presentations. The underlying theme of our Attractions is past, present and future. Our guests are encouraged to view the artifact museum first, where they learn about the history of our space program, then move on to the guided tour of JSC to see Mission Control and an Astronaut Training Facility, and lastly we offer a live presentation on the future of our Space Program. We are open to the public daily, except Christmas day. We host a variety of educational events, including Boy Scout Camp-ins, Physics Day, Distance Learning Programs, Teacher Conference, and Alpha Program for Gifted and Talented. We also support many community events, such as, Wings over Houston Air Show, Fun Run and Home School Day. We offer a large variety of prornotional coupons in the market and offer accommodations to assist guests with special needs. We value our guests and consistently use our Basic Elements of Operation, Safety, Show Courtesy and Efficiency to help us provide the best possible experience e for our guests.