Teledyne Brown Engineering

Space IndustryMember since 2014

Teledyne Brown Engineering has been supporting the US Space Program since its inception, and has worked with international partners on numerous missions, including the SpaceLab program aboard the Space Shuttle, and International Space Station. Teledyne Brown Engineering currently works closely with NASA in development of hardware for ISS, in building a key structural flight element of NASA’s Space Launch System (SLS)- the Launch Vehicle Stages Adapter- and holds the contract for payload operations aboard the ISS. Across Teledyne, our company manufactures focal-plane sensors for space-based observations, including Hubble, James Webb, and Euclid. Teledyne is responsible for the development and delivery of spacebased power sources, such as the MMRTG aboard the Mars Curiosity Rover. We have developed and delivered a number of optical and lidar-based systems for spaceflight, including missions such as hazard avoidance cameras for Curiosity and for the upcoming Osiris-Rex mission.


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