The University of Sydney

UniversityMember since 2017


The object of the University is the promotion, within the limits of the University’s resources, of scholarship, research, free inquiry, the interaction of research and teaching, and academic excellence.

The University has the following principal functions for the promotion of its object:

a) the provision of facilities for education and research of university standard,

b) the encouragement of the dissemination, advancement, development and application of knowledge informed by free inquiry,

c) the provision of courses of study or instruction across a range of fields, and the carrying out of research, to meet the needs of the community,

d) the participation in public discourse,

e) the conferring of degrees, including those of Bachelor, Master and Doctor, and the awarding of diplomas, certificates and other awards

f) the provision of teaching and learning that engage with advanced knowledge and inquiry,

g) the development of governance, procedural rules, admission policies, financial arrangements and quality assurance processes that are underpinned by the values and goals referred to in the functions set out in this subsection, and that are sufficient to ensure the integrity of the University’s academic programs.