University of Strathclyde

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The University of Strathclyde is a leading international technological university, inspired by its founding mission as a place of useful learning, that is socially progressive and makes a positive difference to the lives of its students, society, and the world. The University, which is working towards five main goals for its Vision 2025 Strategic Plan, has strong and broad expertise and capability in space and space-related activity. Research expertise includes; small satellite technology and engineering, space safety and sustainability, space mechatronics, robotics and autonomy, earth observation and data analysis, and advanced manufacturing. There are more than 60 academics with interest and expertise in space technologies across two faculties and multiple departments. The core research groups of the dedicated industry-led space cluster account for more than20 academic staff and a further 60 PhDs and researchers. Space activity also incorporates educational activity with school outreach programmes such as the Scottish Space School, through to post-graduate studies.