Published on July 3, 2024

2024 IAF Excellence in International Cooperation Award

Congratulations to our recipients Gabriella Arrigo and Michael Gold!

The IAF Excellence in International Cooperation Award is presented during the IAC 2024 Opening Ceremony on Monday 14 October 2024 to individuals who have demonstrated excellence in their efforts to promote and facilitate global engagement and cooperation in the space sector.

The IAF Excellence in International Cooperation Award for 2024 is bestowed to:

Gabriella ARRIGO

Director, International Affairs Directorate, Italian Space Agency (ASI)


Gabriella Arrigo's career showcases her unwavering commitment to international space cooperation. She has been instrumental in shaping policies and fostering collaboration within ESA and ASI, contributing to key events. Through her work at UNCOPUOS, she has promoted cooperative frameworks to maintain peace in outer space. Her leadership has significantly impacted Italy's involvement in international space initiatives, including the ISS and the Artemis Accords. Additionally, her notable contributions to academia and transformative role in the IAF, advocacy for inclusivity, and efforts to engage new actors underscore her excellence in advancing international space cooperation.

And to:

Michael GOLD

Chief Growth Officer, Redwire

United States

Michael Gold has dedicated his career to advancing international space cooperation, notably contributing to the implementation of global space projects. His transformative work in reforming U.S. export controls facilitated international collaboration in commercial space ventures, setting a precedent for legal reforms. At NASA, he led the development and implementation of the Artemis Accords, garnering support from 33 countries, including emerging space players. Mr. Gold's leadership also resulted in updates to planetary protection policies. His adept negotiation skills were instrumental in establishing the binding agreements for the Lunar Gateway, showcasing his ability to navigate challenges and achieve consensus among international partners.

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IAF Excellence in International Cooperation Award

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