Published on December 10, 2020

A welcome message to new IAF Members from the International Astronautical Federation!

You are now part of a great community!

Dear New Members,
The IAF is pleased and honored to have you on board!
Congratulations, you just joined an outstanding network of 407 members from 71 countries, including all leading space agencies, companies, societies, associations, museums and institutes worldwide. You are now part of a global community that cooperates daily to promote space activities, to develop new technologies, and to promote awareness about space to government and societies, to better involve them and illustrate the benefits that might come from the utilization of space. You are now part of our network, and we look forward to your precious support in making it wider, stronger, and more effective. We are sure that you are going to help us reach out even more and pursuing our goal of Connecting @ll Space People. We are confident that there will be fruitful and enduring collaborations between our organizations.

Please, take a look at the Welcome Kit, and discover all the ways in which your organizations can get involved within the Federation!

Also, feel free to use the “IAF Proud Member Logo” on your website, in your publications, or wherever you might want to be identified as member of the IAF community. We are excited to count you all as our members. Our membership is a lifelong journey, and we look forward to supporting you throughout it. Please reach out to the Secretariat team should you have any questions about your membership.

Once again, welcome on board to: