Published on September 5, 2023

IAF Delegation China Visit

August 22-30, the IAF delegation led by Dr. Christian Feichtinger visited China

August 22-30, the IAF delegation led by Dr. Christian Feichtinger visited China. It was invited by Chinese Society of Astronautics (CSA) which is one of IAF’ seven Alliance partners. The government department, industries and universities of China’s space community met with the delegation to promote the international space cooperation. Mr. Li Guoping, the Engineer in Chief of China National Space Administration (CNSA), held talks with Dr. Christian Feichtinger. Mr. Li Guoping reviewed the fruitful cooperation between China and IAF over the years, introduced the recent development of China’ s space program, looked forward to the future prospects of cooperation, and pointed out the key areas of concern for China. Dr. Christian Feichtinger highly praised China's remarkable achievements in space, fully recognized China's contribution to the development of the IAF, and actively supported China continue to play a greater and better role in the IAF.

The IAF delegation visited the China Academy of Space Technology (CAST). Mr. Li Daming, the president of CAST introduced the academy’s engagement in China’s major national space program and its involvement in the international space cooperation and arranged the delegation’s visit to the exhibition hall of CAST and its Tianjin Production Base. Dr. Christian Feichtinger congratulated CAST on its world-class R&D and production capabilities after years of development.

Mr. Yu Miao, director of International Cooperation Center of China Aerospace (ICCCA) held a meeting with Dr. Christian Feichtinger. Mr. Yu Miao introduced the work of ICCCA as a space soft science organization in academic exchanges, news reporting, book publishing and talents fostering. He expressed that ICCCA is willing to cooperate with IAF in multi-level and multi-fields to promote international space cooperation. Dr. Christian Feichtinger said that ICCCA is dynamic with featured businesses and hopes that IAF can cooperate comprehensively with ICCCA in the future.

Mr. Wang Yiran, the vice president and secretary general of Chinese Society of Astronautics (CSA), held talks with Dr. Christian Feichtinger. Mr. Wang Yiran reviewed the long term and friendly cooperation between CSA and IAF and proposed opening new areas of cooperation in the future. Dr. Christian Feichtinger thanked the CSA team for their efforts over the years in promoting communication and cooperation between IAF and China and is confident in the future cooperation.

IAF delegation participated in the IAF-CSA Space Universities CubeSat Challenge (SUAC) 2.0 held at Beihang University. Mr. Cheng Bo, deputy president of Beihang University, had a brief meeting with Dr. Christian Feichtinger. The IAF and the CSA jointly initiated SUAC in 2021. SUAC 2.0 is co-hosted by Beihang University and CAST. This year, 32 Chinese universities submitted 78 competition works with over 400 teachers and students involved, and 36 teams from 14 universities entered the China Final. After one day’s presentation, the China Final selected the gold, silver, and bronze awards for the production category, and the first, second, and third prizes for the paper and creative category. The gold award winners of the production category are Beihang University and Chinese Academy of Sciences University. Their works and the works of the International Winner selected by the IAF Space Universities Administrative Committee (SUAC) Working Group will have the opportunity to be launched by Chinese rockets for free.

IAF delegation visited Dalian University of Technology (DUT). Mr. Luo Zhongxuan, the vice president of DUT and Mr. Zhao Hongzhi, the deputy director of Dalian Science and Technology Bureau met with Dr. Christian Feichtinger. The China Micro Nano Satellite Education and Research Alliance had technical exchange meeting with Dr. Christian Feichtinger.

Chinese Society of Astronautics (CSA) joined IAF in 1980. Since then, CSA and IAF have had long term and friendly cooperation represented by the joint organization of the 47th IAC in 1996, the 64th IAC in 2013, the GLUC 2010 and the GLEX 2017 in Beijing, China.