Published on March 24, 2015

IAF distinguished service award: 2015 winners

The IAF is pleased to announce the 14 Award Recipients of the Distinguished Service Award 2015.


For extraordinary dedication and commitment in service of the Federation in his function as Programme Committee Chairman for GLAC, as Vice President of IAF, as Chairman of the Committee for Liaison with International Organisations and Developing Nations (CLIODN), and for his tireless commitment in the organization of the annual UN-IAF Workshop.

John-David BARTOE

John-David Bartoe brings to IAF since decades the best that collaborative space mission have brought to mankind – fostering the advancement of engineering and science by bringing up the right topics to the right people at the right time.


Mr. Chernikov has acted as the United Nations focal point for the successful organization of the UN/IAF Workshops held in connection with the annual International Astronautical Congress (IAC) since 2003.

Heung-Sik CHOI

Ambassador Heung-sik CHOI deserves to be received the IAF Distinguished Service Award in recognizing him to render great services and outstanding contributions to the advancement of the IAF as the 1st chairman of the IAF Asia-Pacific regional group, in appreciating his passionate and ingenious devotion to the development of IAC as the Secretary General of the IAC 2009 Daejeon organizing committee, and in highly esteeming for his invaluable services to the work of the IAF as volunteer in various activities of the Federation.


Stacey Edgington has dedicated the past decade to the future of the space industry through her leadership in the International Astronautical Federation as the first Chairperson of the Workforce Develoment and the Young Professionals Programme Committee, member of the Space Education and Outreach Committee and the Space University Advisory Committee, and others, as well as a co-creator of several student and young professional awards and programmes in the Federation that have improved the lives and the careers of countless young people who are now and in the future will be leaders of the space community.


For his superb volunteer service supporting the International Astronautical Congress for over 20.


For the advancement of space debris research and mitigation measures in spaceflight for the safety of future space missions.


For extraordinary dedication and commitment in service of the Federation in his function as Vice President of IAF, as Special Advisor to the IAF President and IAF Bureau member, and for his tireless commitment in the organisation of the Heads of Agency Plenaries at the International Astronautical Congress (IAC) as well as the organisation and co-chairing of the International Meetings for Members of Parliament.

Jean-Pierre MAREC

Jean-Pierre Marec acts an important part as volunteer inside the federation during 33 years, developing the astrodynamics committee which is one of the best technical committee and increasing the fame of IAF with the quality of the review Acta Astonautica.


Lewis Peach has brought together, and supported, many different IAF-member space agencies, industry and consultancy for years not only in the technical field of project and knowledge management to the space community, but also by strengthening and enabling a deep friendship for a common future.


Dr. D. Brent Smith is the founder and Chairman of the GEOSS Subcommittee of the IAF Earth Observation Committee where he plays a leading role in bringing new ideas and initiatives for this key committee and the Federation.


For significant contribution the International Astronautical Federation’s activities in the areas of space education and outreach, student and young professional activities.


For her tireless work on behalf of countless young people who are destined to be the leaders of the space community, the IAF is proud to recognize Lyn Wigbels IAF Vice President for Youth and Workforce Development and present her with the IAF Distinguished Service Award.

Junhua YANG

For his professional dedication to organize the IAC-2013 in Beijing.