Published on April 26, 2015

Info for interactive presenters of IAC 2015

We look forward to welcoming you to the IAC 2015 in Jerusalem ! Thank you for your submission and congratulations once again on being selected for the congress program!

This page will provide some guidance with regard to the preparation of the interactive presentations. While many of you are already very experienced at presenting conference papers, for others this will be a first time experience. In either case, since the interactive presentations have been only recently introduced to the IAC , these suggestions should be helpful.

Interactive Presentations

Interactive Sessions at the IAC 2015 provide excellent visibility for presentations, with prominent display in well- attended areas of the congress.


  • Interactive presentation submission deadline (required): 6 September 2015
  • Submission of final paper (optional): 24 September 2015
  • Interactive sessions competition: 14 October 2015 at IAC 2015, Jerusalem


An Interactive Sessions Competition will be held to recognize the Best Interactive Presentations of the Congress. Interactive presentations will be awarded in each of the following congresscategories:

Chairman: Christophe BONNAL

  • Category A: Science and Exploration (judge: Maria-Antonietta PERINO)
  • Category B: Applications and Operations (judge: Otto KOUDELKA)
  • Category C: Technology (judge: Junichiro KAWAGUCHI)
  • Category D: Infrastructure (judge: John-David BARTOE)
  • Category E: Space and Society (judge: Chris WELCH)

How the interactive presentation competition works?

Interactive presentations will be reviewed by an international panel of judges and will be judged based on the quality of the research presented, along with the originality and overall design of the presentation.

There are three rounds in the competition. In Round 1, participants will submit their interactive presentations prior to the congress for symposium coordinators to review. The symposium coordinators will select a set of semi-finalists to be evaluated in Round 2. Round 2 will involve judges evaluating the semifinalist interactive presentations at the congress. Based on their evaluation the judges will identify a list of five finalists who will be awarded (one per category). In Round 3, the Best Congress Interactive Presentation award will be chosen among the five categories winners selected by the judges.

Winners will be announced recognized at a dedicated Award Ceremony. Prizes will be awarded to all finalists and grand prize to the Best Congress Interactive Presentation.

Remember to register !

Speakers do need to register for the congress. Go to the Registration Page for cost details.

For any questions about the technical programme, contact