Published on December 15, 2023

Scarcity of Workforce in Aerospace Industries: Roadmap to Better Attract Tomorrow’s Talents

White paper by the IAF Industry Relations Committee

Released by the International Astronautical Federation (IAF) Industry Relations Committee (IRC), the white paper analyses the current state of the aerospace industry and the complexities of the workforce landscape. The IRC white paper methodically examines potential factors contributing to the widespread workforce shortage, providing valuable insights into the challenges the aerospace industry is facing.

Why Dive In?

  • Global Industry Insight: Understanding the current state of the aerospace industry
  • In-Depth Analysis: Investigate the root causes of the aerospace industry workforce shortage
  • Mitigation Measures: Review what measures are currently being implemented to mitigate further expansion of this critical issue
  • Exclusive Recommendations: Receive recommendations for industry on how best to support talent recruitment and retention in the future as we build a sustainable international aerospace ecosystem

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