2015 Young Professionals Workshop

The IAF’s Young Professionals (YP) Workshop programme was initiated in 2012 to gather ideas and proposals from early career employees in the international space community and provide IAF member organisations with greater knowledge, insights, and perspectives that can help them better develop and empower the next generation of space program employees.

The YP Workshops are organized by the IAF’s International the International Programme/Project Management Committee (IPMC), a group of 25 space agencies, companies and professional organizations that collaborate, exchange information and share leading practices on project management approaches and technical workforce training activities.

The YP Workshops are one-day events held in connection with the annual International Astronautical Congress.  Twenty-five to 50 young space professional delegates, nominated by IAF member organizations, are selected in the spring of each year to take part in the Workshop.  The participants are then divided into discussion groups that focus on a specific topic that they consider in depth through virtual exchanges during the summer.  The discussion groups then meet during the workshop and present the results of their deliberations to all the workshop participants, as well as representatives of the IPMC member organizations.  Following the workshop, a final written report is prepared and distributed to the IPMC, interested IAF member organizations.

An IPMC Workshop Organizing Committee – comprised of several young professionals who participated in previous YP workshops – helps organize and conduct the annual YP Workshop programme.  The Workshop Organizing Committee also collaborates with the IPMC in selecting the discussion topics and preparing the final reports.

2019 IPMC Young Professionals Workshop at the 70th IAC

Washington DC, USA

Sunday October 20th, 2019


Call for Delegate Nominations for the 2019 IPMC Young Professionals Workshop


Goal: The International Project/Programme Management Committee (IPMC) Young Professionals Workshop seeks to gather input from young professionals in the international space community to gain the knowledge they need to better develop and empower the next-generation workforce.

We would like your organisation to nominate delegates for this workshop and represent your views in this international forum. The name, contact information, topic preference as well as a short motivation letter for your nominations are to be sent to the Workshop Organising Committee at ipmc.yp.workshop@gmail.com before Friday May 24th 2019.


The delegates for this workshop are asked to be physically present at the day of the workshop as well as the International Astronautical Congress and would fit the profile of a young professional. Young professionals are typically defined as being age 35 and under and having at least one to two years of experience on a project team and/or in the aerospace industry. A diversity of backgrounds (e.g., engineering, management, science, etc.) is encouraged in order to produce thoughtful and well-rounded observations and recommendations that will be presented to the IPMC.

The delegates will be working in teams on the workshop topics via skype, email, webex, etc. prior to the workshop with kickoff foreseen first week of June. To each workshop topic, a mentor will be assigned to help the workgroups advance in their research.

The topics for the workshop have been defined by the Workshop Organising Committee and IPMC:

Topic 1 Earned Value Management in Project Management of Large Space Projects.

Topic 2 Fostering Project Management in the world of Diversity.

Topic 3 Challenges faced by teams working on space projects between emerging and legacy space economies.

Topic 4 Knowledge Management practices.

Topic 5 Project Management practices for encouraging rapid prototyping and short fused product life cycle for space projects.

The kick off meetings will be online and held on June 5 – 7. Your attendance is required.

For more details of the workshop, the topics and expected workload please see the Statement of Work.

The YP Workshop organisation does not provide grants for delegates to attend the workshop. Delegates are responsible for their own funding; nominating organisations are encouraged to financially aid their delegates.

Additional information on the IAF and the IPMC can be found at IAF as well as IAC 2019. Questions on the Young Professionals Workshop can be addressed to ipmc.yp.workshop@gmail.com.


Kind Regards,

2019 IPMC Young Professionals Workshop Organising Committee


Sunday pre #IAC2015 Sunday pre #IAC2015 Sunday pre #IAC2015

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