Press ConferenceS


70th International Astronautical Congress – IAC 2019


69th International Astronautical Congress – IAC 2018
  • IAC 2018 Kick-off Press Conference
  • Heads of Agencies
  • Land Space Technology
  • The Moon Race Announcement
  • MILO Space Science Institute
  • Announcement on the Call of Interest for the ATLANTIC International Satellite Launch Programme
  • ESA Director General
  • Global Conference on Space for Emerging Countries – GLEC 2019 Press Conference
  • Joint ESA/NASA
  •  Joint Press conference – Colombian Space Agency (AEC) and Ecuadorian Civilian Space Agency (EXA)
  • Joint Press conference – RBC Signals and Ecuadorian Civilian Space Agency (EXA)
  • Cooperation MOU for Laser Communications Technology Development
  • Israel Space Agency will announce the Ilan Ramon Conference


68th International Astronautical Congress – IAC 2017
  • IAC 2017 Kick-off Press Conference, IAF President, Jean-Yves Le Gall
  • Heads of Agencies
  • Bill Nye
  • MoonMars Villages for Science, Technology, Innovation, Cooperation, Security and Inspiration
  • From up There to Down Here Big Space Data driving Sustainable Development and Economic Growth on Earth, Plenary 8