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Give Space a Chance for Climate Action: A Multidisciplinary Workshop for Monitoring, Adaptation, and Mitigation

July 17, 2023

A Bridge from the Lab to Orbit: Supporting New Global Space Researchers

July 16, 2023

Official IAC 2023 Congress Hotel

July 14, 2023

IAF Excellence in Industry Award for 2023

July 13, 2023

Join an inspiring IAC 2023 Special Session in Baku! Everything you want to know about DUE DILIGENCE and GOOD FAITH in commercial outer space activities!

July 2, 2023

The Royal Road to Space Sustainability

June 30, 2023

Discover the amazing lineup of Symposium Keynote Speakers for IAC 2023!

June 27, 2023

IAF Excellence in International Cooperation Award for 2023

June 27, 2023

IAF hiring a Promotion and Communication Manager

June 22, 2023

Do not miss the IAC 2023 Special Session on ''Innovative Technology Infusion Approaches for Future Deep Space Exploration Missions''!

June 22, 2023

Join us at the IAC 2023 in Baku to celebrate the 2023 IAF World Space Award Winners!

June 19, 2023

IAC 2023 Early Bird Registration Deadline Postponed Until 21 JUNE!

June 15, 2023