Workforce Development-Young Professionals Programme Committee (WD-YPP) (2018-2021)

Objective/Scope of the Committee

The Committee’s main scope focuses on workforce development matters of the international space community as well as being the focal point of the IAF’s Young Professional’s activities – which includes organizing the Young Professionals Programme (YPP) at the International Astronautical Congress (IAC). The Committee focuses on early and mid-career professionals in all areas of the aerospace community.

The Committee encourages career development directed toward creating a globally informed space community in space agencies and in industry.


Committee rules for membership applications and renewal

If you are interested in joining the committee, please submit your CV/resume and a motivation letter to the Chair of the Committee, by sending it to The chair and vice chairs will decide whether candidates are suitable for specific open vacancies or general addition to the committee, taking into account the size and diverse composition of members to ensure a balanced approach to the work of the committee. All pending members will be admitted after approval of the whole committee, generally during the IAF Spring Meetings, the IAC, or when there is a specific need for the committee.


Symposiums/Sessions and events at the IAC


Technical meetings or events outside of the IAC

  • Podcast interviews and webinars
  • Monthly committee meetings
  • Paper competitions, workshops and other YP activities in collaboration with other technical committees
  • Young Professional Event at IAF Global Conferences


Other Committee activities


Young Professionals Events at IAC 2019

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Twitter –!/IAFYPP

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Committee Members


Hambloch, Patrick


Becker, Kate
Singh, Balbir
Stube, Kevin
Wan, Stephanie


Ashford, Edward
Bacsardi, Laszlo
Barrios, Elizabeth
Boyd, Andrea
Bukley, Angelia
Cappella, Matteo
Carnett, Carol
Cocchiara, Chiara
Coderre, Kathleen
Culler, Jessica
Decoopman, Clémentine
DeLuna, Alan T.
De Paula, Ramon P.
Edwards, J.R.
Emanuelli, Matteo
Erdem, Merve
Fishwick, Nicholas
Geiß, Markus
Girard, Guillaume
Hansra, Ajeet
Hartman, Birgit
Jaime, Andrea
Kobrick, Ryan L.
Kojima, Ayami
Kunes, Michal
Lousada, Joao
Madry, Scott
McAvinia, Ruth
Monzon, Amalio
Nasseri, Ali
Nie, Christopher
Pandhi, Twinkle
Perino, Maria Antonietta
Pons, Arnau
Raposo, Ana
Rathnasabapathy, Minoo
Robinson, Kathryn
Sarli, Bruno
Sasaki, Kaori
Schierholz, Stephanie
Schlutz, Juergen
Seward, Elizabeth
Shortt, Kevin
Shumsky, Steven
Silva, Jackelynne
Simoes, Hugo
Svoboda, Jan
Vasko, Chris
Wasserman, Adi
Wigbels, Lyn



Adriaensen, Martin
Ahmed, Farid
Alleyne, Camille
Aprea, Julio
Beauregard, Christopher
Bloschock, Kristen
Botha, Maria
Chung, So Young
Clayfield, Kimberley
Cornell, Ariane
David, Emmanuel
Davidian, Ken
Edgington, Stacey
Ghadaki, Far as
Hendrikse, Jeffrey
Jordan, Nicky
Kessler, Claudia
Kiang, Charlotte
Lenoir, Benjamin
Manjoo, Khalid
Mathers, Naomi
Meier, Anne
Meusy, Nathalie
Shierholz, Stephanie
Snitch, Mary
Sutherlun, Jacob
Svoboda, Jan
Welch, Chris
Zimmerman, James V.


Boisdur, Emma
Rathnasbapathy, Minoo