Published on April 13, 2021

The IAF Technical Committees - Powerful Sources of Knowledge

Get involved and join our incredible network of space experts!

The IAF Committees are the heart of the International Astronautical Federation, counting over 40 Administrative and Technical Committees representing an international community with more than 1.000 specialists from all space disciplines.
The IAF Technical Committees are powerful sources of knowledge, with Committee Members sharing their expertise and experiences and keeping abreast of developments in their respective field. The Technical Committees showcase a large diversity with Members from 48 different countries and from all generations currently including 10% of Young Professionals who are between 18 – 35 years of age. The Committees normally meet twice a year during the IAF Spring Meetings in March and in Autumn during the yearly International Astronautical Congress.

Please check the large list of IAF Committees here

The IAF establishes a new committee when it considers that a subject or a technical matter, relevant to the aim of the international space community, needs further study, clarification and discussion. With this in mind, the IAF launched two new Technical Committees in 2020:

  • the IAF Space Traffic Management Committee
  • and the IAF Space Habitats Committee

The IAF Space Traffic Management Committee chaired by Christophe Bonnal from CNES was created in the framework of the MOU that was signed between the presidents of IAF, IAA and IISL in 2017 calling for the preparation of recommendations and proposals to decision makers in the field of Space Traffic Management. This committee aim to formalize the process, help colleagues to understand the framework of the discussions.

The aim of the IAF Committee on Space Habitats is to foster interest in the importance of building an international and interdisciplinary understanding of the issues and stakes specific to space habitats — e.g. a core dimension of future human space programs. The Committee is chaired by Julie Patarin-Jossec from State University of St. Petersburg / Ph.D. Candidate at the Centre Emile Durkheim (France) / Resident-Teacher in Sociology & Ethnography at the SPBGU. It gather an interdisciplinary team of experts detaining methods, frameworks, and practical projects related to space habitats — from the legal issues of territorial ownership to the social and aesthetical framing of spaces for daily life activities.

The new membership term for 2021-2024 will start as of October 2021. Joining one of our many Technical Committees is the starting point for involvement in the IAF and an unprecedented opportunity for lifelong growth in the space field. You are invited to be part of our IAF Committees to ensure you build your network of contacts, sharpen your skills, learn from other members, and maximize your membership investment.

Get involved and join our incredible network of space experts! If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us at